Rust Effect

Galvanised exposure. Create contrast in your space with an industrial tactile feel that you can sculpt. Our two-step Rust Effect system puts you in control. Apply the Rust Effect paint with the Rust Activator Solution and watch as oxidisation occurs, leaving walls and painted objects with natural shades of earthy rusted iron. The Rust Effect system brings downtown cool to your feature walls and creates a centrepiece out of garden ornaments and accessories.

Preparation and Application: Details on how best to prep your surfaces and apply this paint can be found in our Artisan Rust Effect article here or in our Artisan Rust Effect Technical Data Sheet here.

Method of Application: Brush around the edges of the wall and then apply 2 generous coats of Artisan Rust Effect paint with a wide brush allowing the first coat to fully dry before recoating. Rust Effect paint is best applied in random brush strokes. Allow both coats to dry for 12 hours before applying Artisan Rust Activator Solution.

Please note this paint will look matt black when applied before application of the Rust Activator Solution.

Coverage Per Litre: 8sqm / 1L

Drying Time: 4 hours surface dry time. Allow 12 hours dry time between recoats and before applying Rust Activator Solution.

From £22.50

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