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Our Colour Experts


Feeling inspired for some expert advice? Our team are available for both in-house consultations and virtual consultations to make your design dreams a reality.


Based in Glasgow, Flora has been working in the interiors industry since graduating in 2016 from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design where she studied interior environmental design. After completing an internship at an architect’s practice in Prague, Flora returned home to Scotland home to work in commercial design & build sector and began representing Craig & Rose as a Colour Designer in 2017.

Flora finds her work with colour really rewarding. She is constantly inspired but how colour subconsciously evokes emotions and enables us to form relationships with objects and textures in a space. Especially in residential design, she understands how colour is such a personal and unique choice - helping to create homes which reflect her clients’ own style is one of her biggest drivers.  “My background inspires my design work. Being half Thai and Scottish, I have been fortunate to spend a large amount of time in both countries growing up. The juxtaposition between both cultures has been a beneficial tool for referencing and developing concepts.  My favourite colour is green because of the strong association with biophilia, a subject that really interests me - although it might have something to do with my name as well.”



Before joining Craig & Rose, Natasha trained as an interior designer at the National Design Academy.  As a busy and prominent colour designer, she has a wealth of experience working on coveted contracts across the country, gaining her an impressive reputation with clients and customers alike.  Based out of our Notting Hill Showroom, Natasha is an active interior designer, constantly working to new accreditations and she has an exceptional portfolio with a skillset and enthusiasm to match!

Currently living in London, Natasha finds the varied scenery, influences and cultural mix of the city a big inspiration and as a South African native she draws on her own diverse background which fuels her passion for design.

She loves giving each one of her clients a truly bespoke service and in addition to her proficiency as a colour consultant, Natasha also as an excellent knowledge of the Craig & Rose range and our supporting wallpaper offerings.  Her infectious enthusiasm means she will often be found hosting design talks and virtual events in showrooms or via our social media channels.


Since we opened our first stand-alone showroom in Chiswick in early 2018, Sara has been an important part of the Craig & Rose team, based in West London. With experience in the world of interior design for over twenty-five years,  Sara has a plethora of knowledge gained through working with glossy magazines and advertising agencies as an interior stylist before going onto train and specialise in colour.

Sara’s extensive expertise enables her to fully understand the aspirations our customers have for their homes. Throughout the colour consultation process, she can help bring to life your vision, taking on board your thoughts and ideas to ensure your final choice intuitively reflects your lifestyle and tastes. 

''At this moment in time as we are finding ourselves at home more, I feel that there is a big move towards experimenting with colour as well as a fundamental shift in how we use our space. Bedrooms are doubling up as offices and outdoor space is far more connected with our living space meaning flow and colour choice are even more important."



Jenny has been working for Craig & Rose out of our Stockbridge showroom since it opened 2 and a half years ago. She is a fully qualified Interior Architect working in Edinburgh and splits her working life between the Craig & Rose home visits and virtual consultations, freelancing for a local design practice and her own interior design business.

She loves all things colour and design, whether it be architectural or interiors, she’s often inspired by interesting narratives and history. It was our extensive colour palette and rich Scottish roots that first drew Jenny to start working for Craig & Rose. She firmly believes that a good story makes for a far more genuine design concept and uses this theory to inspire her design work - whether that is drawing from the client's personal story, the history of the building itself or a special memory.

Exploring the impact of colour also motivates much of Jenny’s work. “My favourite season is autumn. Nothing beats a thick warm jacket and woolly hat, the smell of open fires and crisp air, plus the colours nature throws at us is just extraordinary.  This time of year even inspired my engagement ring design which has fire opal in it and my wedding band is made from malachite.”