Our 1829 Gloss finish brings a high-impact, high-shine lacquered look to your interiors. Glaze your doors, windows, and frames with this high-sheen finish. Introducing differing levels of sheen is a great way to add depth, whether you're looking to turn up the indulgence or bring a playful modern feel to your project.

Our water-based gloss finish is as practical as it is stylish. This is a hard-working paint finish, durable and easy to clean, and great for bringing high-shine finishes to interior and exterior woodwork. If you've got a statement colour in mind for your ceiling, our 1829 Gloss paint finish is perfect for creating a bold effect and reflecting the light of your favourite shade.

As you'd expect, our Gloss finish is hard-wearing, but be aware that this paint finish naturally highlights imperfections with its ultra-shine properties.

For the best results, always apply to woodwork that has been properly prepared and sanded, we’d also recommend using an undercoat for a professional, longer-lasting finish.

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