Matt Emulsion

Matt emulsions are perfect for interior walls and ceilings and can also be used for upcycling furniture when finished with a protective wax or varnish. We are famous for our durable Chalky Emulsion - a luxurious soft and chalky matt finish with excellent depth of colour.

I have this colour palette in mind
  1. Whites

  2. Greys

  3. Neutrals

  4. Creams

  5. Blues

  6. Greens

  7. Yellow and Oranges

  8. Pinks & Purples

  9. Reds

  10. Darks

  11. Pastels

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  1. Range 1829
  2. Surface Kitchen or Bathroom Wall
  3. Colour Group Blues
  1. Moonstone Grey
    Moonstone Grey


    This delicately tonal grey-blue is inspired by antique Chinese porcelain and silks. A subtle modern hue. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  2. Pompadour


    Expressive, elegant blue named after the sophisticated Madame de Pompadour - a leader of 18th century taste. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  3. Smalt


    A strong cobalt blue made popular in the Victorian era. For lively, brilliant and ornamental colour. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  4. Esterhazy


    A soft, silvery pewter grey. Lends an understated elegance where combined on both walls and mouldings. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.
  5. Swedish Blue
    Swedish Blue


    A pale, powdery and cloud-like blue - a fitting companion to 20th century Scandinavian furniture and ceramics. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  6. Steel Pole
    Steel Pole


    A rich stone blue with a smooth matte density, this colour is a version of a popular Art Deco pastel blue. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.
  7. Payne's Grey
    Payne's Grey


    A dark iron blue with hints of warm grey, this shade was used by 19th century painters as a warmer alternative to black. Inspiration for this colour was taken from the Modernist period. Use with our 1829 White Undercoat.

  8. Morris Blue
    Morris Blue


    Soft vintage blue with a hint of jade and a creamy feel. Inspired by William Morris’ romantic palette. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  9. Saxe Blue
    Saxe Blue


    Much used in the Elizabethan period, this expressive blue is a good backdrop to skin tones and candlelight. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  10. French Turquoise
    French Turquoise


    Popular in the Art Deco era, this evocative peacock blue-green is ideal for an elegant living area. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  11. Lido Blue
    Lido Blue


    A modern mineral hue, this inky blue-black evokes the vivid colours of the famed Lido Parisian cabaret. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.