Matt Emulsion

Matt emulsions are perfect for interior walls and ceilings and can also be used for upcycling furniture when finished with a protective wax or varnish. We are famous for our durable Chalky Emulsion - a luxurious soft and chalky matt finish with excellent depth of colour.

I have this colour palette in mind
  1. Whites

  2. Greys

  3. Neutrals

  4. Creams

  5. Blues

  6. Greens

  7. Yellow and Oranges

  8. Pinks & Purples

  9. Reds

  10. Darks

  11. Pastels

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  1. Range 1829
  2. Colour Group Reds
  1. Troubadour


    An intense flame coloured, blushed orange red, with bright softness and opacity. Wonderfully appetising for dining spaces.

  2. Medici Crimson
    Medici Crimson


    This pure, masterful red with a Renaissance atmosphere will bring opulence and grandeur to any interior. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  3. Cadmium


    Renaissance orange evoking the sun-soaked walls of Italy. A melting tone for a harmonic dining-room backdrop. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  4. Etruscan Red
    Etruscan Red


    Named for the beautiful Etruscan pottery, whose red hues mimicked the colour and tone of sun-bronzed skin. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  5. Oriental Red
    Oriental Red


    A rich porcelain red echoing the translucent glazes of Ming vases. Flamboyant, lovely and intense. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  6. Venetian Red
    Venetian Red


    A mellow and subdued earth red known as “Venetian Red” by the painters of Renaissance Europe. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  7. Red Barn
    Red Barn


    A rich earthy red frequently seen on Shaker barns or grain stores. Wonderful for a dining or reading room. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  8. Arabian Red
    Arabian Red


    Rich in pigment, this antique rust red is derived from iron oxide and inspired by Arabian shades and tones. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  9. Osborne Maroon
    Osborne Maroon


    Featured in Queen Victoria’s summer residence, this vibrant, delicious colour boasts hints of sour cherry. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.