Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern

Designer Abigail Ahern is recognised for her enchanting take on interiors. Her trend setting designs are synonymous with glamour, eclecticism and wit. The Abigail Ahern palette is inspired by her time spent living in the States, more specifically Manhattan and its hub of Kafka-esque hangouts, unsanctioned street art and its hipster counter culture

Think tobaccos, full on noirs, inky blues; earthy reds coupled with shots of bold intense teals and jungle greens. An effortlessly cool palette of hues that can be used not merely as a backdrop but as a statement in their own right. It’s a glamorous, sophisticated and intriguing collection made from mostly natural pigments - the colours give redolence and depth so you get beautiful undertones with the colours subtly changing with the light.

I have this colour palette in mind
  1. Greys

  2. Neutrals

  3. Blues

  4. Greens

  5. Pinks & Purples

  6. Reds

  7. Darks

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Filters Filters

  1. Finish EGGSHELL
  2. Surface Interior Metal
  3. Colour Group Pinks & Purples