Ancient World

Inspired by design movements from the many great civilisations throughout history, including the Persian Empire, Ancient Egypt and the Etruscans. Perhaps most prevalent of them all is Ancient Greek style, which has influenced much of western art and architecture.

I have this colour palette in mind
  1. Whites

  2. Greys

  3. Neutrals

  4. Creams

  5. Yellow and Oranges

  6. Pinks & Purples

  7. Reds

  8. Darks

  9. Pastels

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  1. Colour Group Creams
  1. Pale Celadon
    Pale Celadon


    Soft, ornamental and timeless jade-white. Remniniscent of the antique pottery glazes of the ancient world. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.
  2. Parchment


    Named after the finest grade of parchment, the beauty of this smooth cream rests in its warmth and simplicity. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.
  3. Pipe Clay
    Pipe Clay


    The warmth of natural clay informs this harmonic shade that works well with leather and woods. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.
  4. Tintern Stone
    Tintern Stone


    Strong and exuding a mineral depth, this graded white is inspired by the enduring beauty of weathered stone. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.