Rococo style is delicate, yet elaborate, beginning around Louis XV’s (1715-1774) reign of France and influenced by Madame de Pompadour. Architectural decoration was based on arabesques, shells, elaborate curves and asymmetry. Important features of Rococo interiors included use of mirrors and beautiful furniture to create incredible lavishness.

I have this colour palette in mind
  1. Whites

  2. Greys

  3. Neutrals

  4. Creams

  5. Blues

  6. Yellow and Oranges

  7. Pinks & Purples

  8. Reds

  9. Darks

  10. Pastels

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  1. Finish MATT
  2. Colour Group Neutrals
  1. Pantry White
    Pantry White


    A traditional, off-white ‘milk’ shade that echoes the simple and pure aesthetics of Shaker pantry colours. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.
  2. Study Room Blue
    Study Room Blue


    A gentle, symphonic light blue-grey. Cool and soothing, it is ideal for studies, libraries and reading rooms. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.
  3. Elegant Cream
    Elegant Cream


    Panna cotta rich but not too sweet, this dark cream works well as a backdrop in kitchens and larders. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.
  4. Dark Truffle
    Dark Truffle


    A smooth chestnut puree; dark and custardy. A versatile shade, but especially good with natural timbers. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  5. Beauvais Cream
    Beauvais Cream


    Inspired by 18th century tapestries, this intense silken cream offers a rich backdrop to wood and natural linen. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.
  6. Kitchen Gold
    Kitchen Gold


    A light, subdued gold with the warming depth of spring sunshine. Ideal for brightening up kitchens or hallways. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.