One of the most iconic periods in British history, characterised by Queen Victoria (1837-1901), one of Britain’s longest reigning monarchs. Eclecticism was a key feature of Victorian style, as was obsession to detail. This is reflected in ornate fireplaces and highly patterned, heavy draped fabrics.

I have this colour palette in mind
  1. Whites

  2. Greys

  3. Neutrals

  4. Creams

  5. Blues

  6. Greens

  7. Yellow and Oranges

  8. Pinks & Purples

  9. Reds

  10. Darks

  11. Pastels

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  1. Colour Group Darks
  1. Smalt


    A strong cobalt blue made popular in the Victorian era. For lively, brilliant and ornamental colour. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  2. Osborne Maroon
    Osborne Maroon


    Featured in Queen Victoria’s summer residence, this vibrant, delicious colour boasts hints of sour cherry. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  3. Violet Slate
    Violet Slate


    Elegant, serene and darkly luminous silk grey to use with glass and gilts for a feeling of modern opulence. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  4. Damson


    A dark, jewelled colour with hints of candied fruit. Intimate, luxurious and perfect for small spaces. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.
  5. Jet Black
    Jet Black


    A powerful accent colour that registers warmly, especially in sunlight. Inspired by Victorian interiors. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.